Thyme and Again


Hidden (not really) next to the N2 a few kilometers outside Plettenberg Bay on the left as you pass by Keurbooms, there is a little place with a big presence. Thyme and Again Farm Stall (and Restaurant & Coffee Shop) is a lot of almost everything edible you may need if you are in their vicinity. Whether you are visiting the area or live there, something on their menu or in their shop will meet your need if you are hungry or thirsty.

Their prices on food served (our meals were excellent!) or food sold are all market related, meaning although they are conveniently close to the Keurbooms community and hospitality facilities, and they stock not only specialised local products (local wine etc.) but the bare necessities for holiday makers as well, they don’t try to rip you off. Too often we have encountered in the Plettenberg Bay area, companies and retail shops who try to exploit not only the foreign or visitors market, but also the locals. Thyme and Again is a balanced market-example of great service and good products with fair price-tags. Looking at the picture below you will see variety, localised excellence and a nice ambiance when you enter through the doors. In line with T&Q policies surrounding Direct Highway Accessible Farm stalls and shops, a venue needs to observe the cost of convenience and have a marketable product in the form of high standards no matter business pace or flow. Thyme and Again seems to have most of those ducks in their row. They are family (kids included) friendly and we confidently promote them as place worth supporting any time of year. We wish for other similar entities to pause there for a moment to see how it is done!

With this said, Truth and Quality issue a mark of 7.760 as a Gold Status Rating. The food was great and the Service excellent.

Note to owners and/or Management:

Please consider using better quality serviettes.
Give your staff some name tags. The latter makes the experience just that little more personal and give staff an identity associated with their place of employment.
The entrance to the shop itself is not wheelchair friendly (we did see the outside seating area is though).

T&Q Team


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