A few days ago, we were invited to meet a Gupta. Turns out this Gupta was nice, in fact so nice that the T&Q team had to write about the experience.

At , a hidden in plain sight little newcomer (and most welcome) at The Market on Main in Plettenberg Bay, the owner Matthew Rowe introduced us to the “Gupta”. Turns out it is a massive, American-style monster hamburger of note! No wonder it is called the “Gupta”, because it is excessively adorned with the gifts one would expect with such a name connected to it.
This block of a meal features meat for a big boy stomach, with cheese and all the participating goodies in lovely excess all coming together to match the fries in a brute symphony of taste. Served on a little tray to prevent losses (sounds very Gupta), this burger and the other meals served (mini-breakfast – refer pictures below), rushed past our lips into our hearts.
The Market Sit Down and Take Away restaurant is nicely nestled in the corner as you enter the Market on Main, situated on Main Street in Plettenberg Bay about eighty meters (80m) from the Dolphin Circle. The restaurant has a fresh look, with great service for sit down, take away and call-in food orders from the businesses in town. The open-plan kitchen creates transparency in preparation of all food, and this we like…A LOT!

The place presents market-related pricing, is beautifully clean, and all meals arrived in good time WITH a steak knife on the side, something that is not negotiable when you eat anything harder than fresh bread, something Truth and Quality Team frown upon if absent from even a simple meal like breakfast. Our advice to management is to add a spicy sauce to the menu. Admittedly, I nearly lost my challenge “mano-a-mano” against the scrumptious GUPTA BURGER meal, and look forward to taking on the other dishes loved by those ‘in the know’ around the Market on Main. T&Q rate The Market Sit Down and Take Away restaurant a cool and deserving GOLD 7.96 (1.00 – 10.00 Scale) in its infancy, pretty sure it will reach Platinum Status sooner rather than later in its category.

They are open from 08h00 – 21h00 daily, and closed on Sundays (for now). Go there or call them (084 698 1222)!


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