The Answer FatBurner

The Answer to Weight-Loss

Truth and Quality Accreditation Service is very careful about endorsing new products into the marketplace. As a RULE, we inspect and tear apart (to the very seams) the quality of the components that make up a product which promises higher than average results – especially in the weight-loss industry which is renowned for fake and “quick-fix” products not delivering as advertised.

However, THE ANSWER FAT BURNER IMPRESSED us so very much that we invested a part of our financial portfolio, becoming the Senior Agency owner of the Western Cape Region (and a few others) in South Africa. Invariably, we immediately started monitoring the results the product produced and we are more than secure in our investment.

Although there are some medical restrictions for use of this amazing product, the results and testimonials we have been collecting, have been astounding, and we endorse THE ANSWER ULTIMATE FAT BURNER, not only because we own an agency, but because the results speak for themselves.

At R590.00 for a 40-day cycle and R1180.00 for a 80-day cycle (this is a mere R14.75 per day), we found this to be the BEST PRODUCT (with more than reasonable pricing) of its kind we have ever encountered.

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