Spoil your customers with consistency


It is 2018, and suddenly one of the ugliest dragons in most market places is rearing its head without shame. The holiday season is dying its annual death, and slowly but inevitably real, so is good service delivery. Now that the holiday makers have spent their hard-earned cash on over-priced average to good service, and inflated product pricing, the dragon devouring consistency is getting his fill!

@TRUTHANDQUALITYI cannot stress ENOUGH, the damage that inconsistent business is causing in any market place. Customers count on you to not come with surprises other than better pricing and/or service. What they dread is walking in through your doors, past the dragon carrying out your smile and service delivery or product quality, leaving only half-baked intent. You CANNOT “change” the good business philosophy you maintained during the festive season, selling out to the irresponsible spending of killer-profits, reducing staff morale and returning to “business as usual” on a standard other than when season commenced.

CONSISTENCY creates a level playing field on a higher plain, forcing traders to emulate the businesses who never step away from providing platinum standards throughout the year – in and outside of season or holiday market-boosts. The uneasy chatter that I hear from savvy consumers when we reach the middle of January of any new year, about how they EXPECT the markets to disappoint us, is disconcerting, yet as real as it gets. On the flip-side of this coin, there is the same disappointed sighs I endure when consumers talk about how standards drop when businesses are busy closing for the festive season in late November or early December. A last effort from business owners to extort cash to cover annual bonuses and personal vacation expenses, combined with lack of effort to keep stockrooms adequately stocked and more, places consumers on the back-foot, which in the medium and long term will influence your bottom line if you suffer from this common business practice.

It is not rocket science people, to keep a standard. Sometimes I think a consistently low standard is better than no consistency at all, simply because the predictability of consistency remains present.

So, my first and very insistent advice for you is to become consistent this year. Don’t compromise being known for constantly servicing your market. Do it the same way, and only change when you UP YOUR STANDARD, keeping your margins realistic still. I promise you on this 19th day of January 2018, that when you look back at the end of this year after being predictably consistent, you would have gained a following – and your financial gain would have followed suit…no matter the industry you are in.




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