Plett on the Go (Good Food on Demand😊) – Standing Strong!

When a new place opens in the traditionally fickle town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa – no matter the industry choice, the possibility of it succeeding is always a contentious issue or debate. Like all small coastal towns, not only in South Africa but also on many coasts in the rest of the western world, too many “hit and run outfits” (hop in…hop-off businesses) appear to make a quick buck in what is usually a very touristy and affluent area.
So, when “Plett on the Go” Fast Foods nestled themselves into the corner of Kloof and Main Streets in the CBD in Plettenberg Bay in 2018, the buzz was on (and the side-bets I am sure) about their capacity to “survive”.

They did….and standing strong.

Yes, when walking into Plett on the Go it is refreshing to see a large menu suited for most if not all taste-buds (including their plan to serve Halaal foods (correctly) soon as well), underlined by a transparently genuine smile as you arrive at the counter, and based upon our research, something even more refreshing came to light. Their ENTIRE MENU is always available!

No shortage today or tomorrow – not a franchise here folks, no ‘too fast foods’ that comes to you with half-baked mediocre quality, but rather sporting an awesome variety of deliciously fresh and mouth-watering “not-made-in-my-own-kitchen” meals.

Note this – the meals (and platters) look like the pictures, and they taste the way they look. Fantastic!

In line with their philosophy of providing very good service, excellent food at reasonable prices and ultra-convenience regarding variety, Morne’ and Tiffany Krause and their team also have close to zero waste percentage in their kitchen. They order fresh, get delivery on time and provide quality I could not fault.

I expected that after they opened their standard may drop like most new eateries in small towns, and their prices would be inflated after the bulk of vacation traffic left town, but I was wrong. They have increased in popularity, not because of their scrumptious fries or their magnificently tasty hamburger or seafood pizza, but also because of their consistent providing of the same (great) size meals (since day one) for more than acceptable and most competitive prices.

The origin of Plett on the Go as a stationary ready-made meal facility is recent, but they have been “on the go” for a long time. As a mobile unit (see pictures) servicing huge events on the Garden Route like the George Agri show, the Whale Motorcycle Rally in Hartenbos, the Buffalo Rally Mosselbay,the Knysna Speed Festival, The KKNK (Festival in Oudtshoorn) and then even further away, the Hansa Fish River Canoe Marathon and the Grahamstown National Arts Festival and more, they have come to know the market and more importantly, the consumer of ready-made/fast food.

They have also adapted to the irregular supply of electrical power by keeping a fuel-driven generator at their shop on Main Street, to deliver the service they know the public expects from establishments supplying food during regional power outages.

We are delighted to award Plett on the Go, a cool 8.200 in the Category of ready-made meals (also platters) or Fast Foods. They have a secure plan in place – to supply the same high-quality service, and present an unmatched consistency in the local market in Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route, South Africa.


Truth and Quality
Div. of The Go Group


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