It is not small – It is BIG

Recently I connected with a senior business associate and friend. We discussed the small, yet most significant details absent in the majority of tourist destinations in Southern Africa. After this extensive informal conversation, I returned to my own notes on the subject, and once again (frustratingly) came to the conclusion that most hospitality venues – restaurants, motels, hotels, and all other forms of vacation destinations, are somehow under the impression that the “smalls” being omitted from their standard business model (or philosophy – you choose), saves money.

This is at best ridiculous. It is remarkable how many (the majority once again) business owners and/or management (as I refer to it) are “trimming the detail” to convince themselves they are saving money in business.

Let me advise you, if you are guilty of this most common phenomenon, this parasite that clings to “minor” downward budgetary adjustments in projection, planning, presentation, management and many more, you are LOSING REVENUE in the form of repeat business. It is those small adjustments that need to be observed as essential, to lure your guests back to your venue. Whether it is related to product, presentation, service or management, if you downscale your approach towards its importance in the business model you incorporate, you will at best reach average to just above average recognition in the marketplace. This recognition comes in the form of cash, free word-of-mouth advertising and consistency in business.

This subject can be warped to suit any critic of my observations (for years!) concerning its value, but the end-result is not negotiable, You will not necessarily fail, and you may even reach particular goals suiting your life-style and business portfolio, but you will NOT be the “talk of the town” or region or country. You can only reach upper echelon market status and recognition once you incorporate these seemingly insignificant smalls. The argument I encounter without fail is that ‘budgets don’t allow for it’. That is utter BS. Your competency in consistently delivering the small, vital, and more than often, key ingredients into your trading philosophy costs very little. It only involves a little more planning, maybe seeking less glory than you deserve with test-spending on unnecessary gadgets or systems. It involves placing your feet ALWAYS in the shoes of the person walking through your front door. It involves not relinquishing the high standard you want to project, and it involves a workforce who can and want to maintain your standards utilising the small things that set you apart from the rest.

I could give you a hundred samples, but I will leave you to mull on the subject with these words:

“If the napkin/serviette you offer does not suit the size of the steak you sell, or the sauce you present with that steak, you have not made a friend, you have only sold a steak”


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