(Please note – The images (22) we took of the Base-station were accidently erased. Please refer to their website for perhaps more visual detail).

In line with our expansion program, we stopped at Harties Cableway to visit with Iain Gunn and his crew in Hartbeespoort. As much as Cape Town claims the bragging rights to cable-access and viewing from the Table Mountain top, this venue need not retreat, bringing gasp-worthy scenes above the plains surrounding it. When entering the property off the R511 (open daily 09h00 -16h30), we were immediately impressed with the property care. The entire staff, from the car-guards all the way to Iain himself were dressed in clearly marked attire stating their commitment to being recognized anywhere on the property, also each person adorning a smiley-face badge to pledge their allegiance to the Tourism Friendly South Africa Campaign. Please note as well: This hilltop is surrounded by an area in South Africa with a vast and rich history relating to local wars in the early part of the 19th Century. Some unique plants and birds (and more) complete the pleasantly varied picture offered to the public.

We had a wonderful breakfast pizza (total bill including a generous tip – only R190.00) served by Esther with a smile and on-time accuracy at the Hero’s Cableway Grill-house and Pizzeria at the base station before heading to the top. Safety is a priority when getting in and out of the cable-cars. Although a monotonous task to the staff I’m sure, they assisted us in a professional and courteous manner before heading out. The trip up the mountain was as expected breath-taking, but once at the top looking down, we were blown away by the extent of view. It is a photographer’s paradise, and when you arrive at the Pizza Shack on the highest point of the hill, a 360-degree view (as far as into next year!) can be experienced. We eventually settled at the cocktail bar on the edge to have a few drinks after walking through the curio and clothing where surprisingly, the prices of goodies were market-related and not the usually inflated prices we too often see at tourist destinations.

We had a great time with Richard (the local bartender – see image), but were even more impressed with the bill. A 500ml bottle of Van Loveren Blanc de Blanc and a Southern Comfort and lemonade ran us R81.00 in total. Now this may sound expensive to some of you, but far from it. In many bars in South Africa, the Southern Comfort single shot would cost R30.00 or more, where as we were charged a mere R19.00 – all while enjoying the breathtaking views around us.

It is important to mention that while visiting Harties Aerial Cableway, it was clear that no costs were spared to ensure safety and comfort. The ablution facilities are exemplary clean and well-maintained, the restaurants well-stocked and the property cared for on a level matching any exclusive international destination of the same format. Naturally the trip down the mountain was once again amazing and upon arrival I found my vehicle washed (as requested), but on a standard that the local car-wash in my home-town could learn from. Before leaving we picked up some items at the very classy curio shop in the mini mall-like base station of the venue. We found some quite exquisite gifts for friends at prices a little more than some might like to spend, but they are worth every cent.

The total experience at Harties Cableway is one of fluid professionalism. With the right mix of friendly and knowledgeable staff and a facility that cater for any person or group, in an environment of unique beauty inclusive of an eco-friendly approach, this Northwest destination should be on your “MUST GO THERE” list. Truth and Quality rates Harties Cableway a very deserving 8.600 on our Accreditation Rating System for Registered Tour Operators. This qualifies them for Platinum Status.

Well done Iain Gunn and Staff!

Below is a brief list of their up to date RATES for visitors to the venue (Price increase from 1 November 2015)

Adults R195
Children (4-14) R115 (Under-fours go for free)

School group bookings only
Primary R50
Secondary R90
Teachers R130

Please contact their office +27 (0) 12 253 9910

Annual tickets R895.00 (unlimited access to the mountain for 1 year during operational hours). Please contact their office.

Important Rule – No food, drinks or pets may be brought to the cable-way.

Great Deal for Pensioners – please present your SA identity document at the ticket office and only pay R120.00!


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