Chez Laurent


The owner of the small CHEZ LAURENT booth-restaurant at the Market on Main in Plettenberg Bay invited us to come and savour his magnificent steak and salad dish. Our Swiss friend Roger M. had arrived and confirmed the story about town was that (French) Chef Laurent was the proclaimed king of steak preparation, so we set out last weekend to test these bold words.

The (booth-style) restaurant is situated in the middle of a little market corridor at the beginning of Main Street in Plettenberg Bay. It is a semi-indoor area about half of a small city block in size, equipped for the local and visiting consumer to shop for curios, clothing and eat something at the range of little booth restaurants. There is no pretending there, and Chef Laurent did not turn up in his penguin suit to serve us a gourmet steak. He was very casual, loudly welcomed us like old friends and we helped him cover our table with a perfectly clean, perfectly white tablecloth before we popped the first cork from the bottles of wine we brought along for the occasion. The resident market holds no liquor licence, so bring your own (and wine glasses) if you want to sit down a visit for a while.

Our host waited for a while and when given the go-ahead, prepared a little feast which once again makes my mouth water while sitting here – a week later. It was delicious! He served us each a plate of magnificently prepared steak with a beautiful sauce topping it, and the original crispy French-style French fries, adding a perfectly fresh salad to complete the ensemble. Dear reader, it was outright bliss on a plate. A little salt and pepper and the steaks melted off our dishes onto our eager palates. This man knows how to prepare a good, wholesome, unpretentious meal and when we had scooped the last off our plates, the bill that arrived continued our smiles of satisfaction. The meal for three cost us less than R450.00 and worth every cent!

The surroundings remain outdoorsy and average, the evening was chilled (weather), and nothing shouted gourmet when we looked at the little open kitchen Chef Laurent served us our food from, but true to his no-nonsense approach and friendly demeanour, he delivered a superb dish. One single suggestion would be to add a small dessert after the steak as an option, even if just to prolong the visit. Truth and Quality gladly present CHEZ LAURENT booth restaurant with a deserving 7.95 rating on our 1-10 scale, and invite you with confidence to go test him (AND our words in this post). When you arrive there, tell him TRUTH AND QUALITY sent you. He will not disappoint….and please book in advance for Friday or Saturday nights.


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