“You want to do this! It is a thrill of note!” 
(Founder – T&Q)

Truth and Quality takes time out as well, and when we do it in adventure mode, we seek new thrills to write about. We did not need to look far.

When I stopped at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures, the ZIP-LINE Pro’s on the Garden Route, South Africa, conveniently located ON THE N2 about 75 km’s from Plettenberg Bay towards Port Elizabeth, the first thing I noticed is the constant improvement of the large property.

Ok, so now you know, we have been there before and every time something stands out more than anything else, even more than the constant upgrading…the staff’s friendliness and absolute efficiency!


At any “risk adventure” one partakes in, the No. 1 priority by far is SAFETY which is something that is never compromised or negotiated at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures, with no issue of equipment taking place. Nope, they dress you in all the appropriate gear, chatting away while handing you a bottle of water as part of your package upon arrival.

***Interesting fact – did you know that the correct safety gear you wear when you enjoy your zip-line experience, could cost as much as R15000 per unit? (That very well may exclude your helmet and gloves).***

At Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures, a truly international and national adventure destination which have been in business since 2004, they have added to their existing eight zip-lines, a separate new crazy called the Triple 500! So, upon arrival, you can choose between two packages, the super 8-line tour or this new thrill (the Triple 500) consisting of 3 lines, but make no mistake it includes an epic half kilometer ride!

Yes, a single 500-meter ride crossing some serious water below, leaving you quite breathless. 
When Lionel, Anthia and Shinese attended to my Triple 500 experience (including photos), their professionalism was on the highest of standards, their safety procedures unwavering, and their constant feedback (also chatter) made the experience simply fantastic!

The equipment fit well, the scenic routes were nothing less than awesome, and the entire feel of the place, including its old-school farm-stall style shop and cafeteria adjacent to each other, was worth the ride out there. They are busy developing a restaurant, and Tiaan Le Roux (Co-owner and Operations Director) is non-stop increasing the visual appeal and experience of Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures.

I loved the experience, and the heart-racing Triple 500-meter zip-ride is worth every cent, but there is MORE! If you arrive at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures and produce your I.D to show it is your BIRTHDAY, your zip-line experience is FREE!


I COULD NOT FAULT the time I spent with Tiaan and his team. As Founder of T&Q, and an adventurist my entire life, I kid you not – they are doing it right, and you should get there! After assessment of their Safety Procedures, their staff ethics and conduct, their accessibility and their pricing, we had no choice but to award TFA a solid and sure 8.560 on the Truth and Quality Rating Scale for Outdoor Adventure Entertainment Venues.

Tiaan, you and your staff deserve Platinum Status!

T&Q and the Go Group challenges you to GO TO Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures!

GO there if you dare! 😊


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