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Recently, T&Q was invited by Angelo Roberto of the local Market on Main in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, to test his original Italian dishes. (We were also joined by some German guests). Angelo is the no-frills owner of CASA ANGELO, a little unpretentious food-spot in the middle of the market on Main Street. He welcomed us in his loud, true Italian manner, supplied us with clean wine-glasses for the wine we brought (the Market on Main is not a licensed venue), and proceeded to prepare our dishes.


While listening to a local singer wooing our feet to tap to some cover music in the background, Angelo and his all-round assistant Wanda were not only preparing our meals, but serving a regular stream of patrons collecting meals-to-go, without missing a beat. Rustic as it may appear, Angelo keeps a strict eye on hygiene and cleanliness in his compact establishment. The products he deliver are prepared in an original fire-oven, and when our meals arrived, nothing was amiss. There was enough cheese and ample ingredients on the beautifully baked, thin based pizza which landed in front of me about 15 minutes after order. The other invitees elected different choices off the menu, with all dishes arriving at the same time. All guests agreed that the food was delicious!

As a man who often find thin-based pizzas a little light on my personal “fill-my-stomach” scale, I was pleasantly surprised to feel quite satisfied after my meal. The service was also good, with Angelo and Wanda attentive regarding requests, and the general consensus excellent regarding meal-characteristics.

CASA ANGELO specialises in repeat business, with large groups of returning diners booking a few of the tables at the Market on Main – often. Angelo and Wanda seems to have found the secret to presenting a smooth and simple, yet variety-filled menu to their guests from all over the world. Whether it is a bus full of Chinese visitors, or a few cars filled with students, they love to mingle with the local patrons at this venue, especially if live music accompany the meals.There is also ample parking (holiday season may not allow this to be true) in front of the Market on Main.

Inevitably, Truth and Quality often suggest to businesses of all kinds, little (or many in some cases) improvement tips which we did share with Angelo after the meal. He was happy to incorporate the ideas we conveyed, and we left soon after.

T&Q rates Casa Angelo a deserving 7.740 on our Accreditation Scale for compact mid-town dining venues. We will frequent this establishment gladly, and suggest you do as well when you are in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

You can call Angelo Roberto on +27 78 512-7104 and book your seat, or just stop by.

Founder and the Team
Truth and Quality SA

PS. The Market on Main could do with more retail activity at night – surrounding the area of Casa Angelo (professional opinion).


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