Truth and Quality uses fair assessment and judgement, without undue emotion when we evaluate a market-place, a retail facility or and entertainment venue. However, like you – we are human and wanting good value for our hard-earned money and great service when we spend it. With this statement (above) in mind, we returned home from a restaurant in Plettenberg Bay (Western Cape, South Africa) tonight, after meeting a few friends for a quick dinner they invited us to, being short of incensed about the service. We were only partially impressed by our meals as well.

This may not be anything new, as bad service seems to be more than prevalent in Plettenberg Bay, but the venue we attended is notably one of the upper-bracket restaurants (hearsay-rating – dependent on pricing and other factors) in town. The bartender did not greet us as we sat down for a pre-dinner drink, then he proceeded to pay half attention while we inquired about certain beverages, NEVER (NOT ONCE) trying to show a friendly, helpful demeanour. We eventually left after our short visit there, having not enjoyed our time there. Prior to leaving, we tipped the waiter (same bartender) a more than decent tip, with not even remotely a “thank you” of any kind. He mumbled something which could resemble acknowledgement of payment of our bill.

As a senior Accreditation and Marketing Advisor, I am appalled by this. We also noticed various significantly sub-standard (for its status as a restaurant) aspects at this venue. Please note, at this time we refrain from naming the venue as we have not done a full evaluation as “Secret Shoppers”. For the bad service and average food we received tonight, this venue gets a very low evaluation rating though, and we will definitely go back to do a full assessment, naming the restaurant – not to shame them, but to compliment as well if they provide the general consistency and venue, parking structure, view and more.


Truth and Quality South Africa

(PS. I am preparing an article on the ridiculously common public ACCEPTANCE of BAD SERVICE in Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, George, Mosselbay and on the Garden Route in general. It will be an interesting read I guarantee you.)


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